• 1st August
  • 01

Summer’s been great, I guess. I’m working now so it’s not actually that great, but I don’t have much to complain about. I think I fell in love- or a very serious case of like (and I rarely like anyone :( )- with the shortest summer fling ever. I’ve never had so much chemistry (mental and physical) with anyone in my life. But he’s a foreign exchange student and he’s leaving, so… I don’t know what to do. Keep on keeping on, I guess. I don’t even know how this whole thing happened. They say that to get over someone, you should get under someone else. That’s exactly what I did- because he is hot- totally not expecting that I’d eventually have a harder time getting over this person. Who knew? We will just be good memories for each other. Here’s to summer flings. And Europeans haha

  • 17th May
  • 17

Vegas tomorrow morning. Leaving my house at 4am, checking into the hotel and pool partying soon after. 

I’m so tired…too much packing! Goodbye for now, Berkeley.

Ooh, I also stayed in last night and made a delicious date cake since there were so many dates and raisins sitting around. Delicious and easy. :)

  • 2nd May
  • 02

One of the last dinners I will cook for this house: BBQ spareribs; roasted cauliflower, yams, and carrots; sauteed zucchini, eggplant and mushroom; spiced black beans with bell pepper; spinach walnut salad with apple honey vinaigrette; bread pudding.

Dead week.. and I’m focused on deciding my future. I WILL study now!

  • 19th April
  • 19

We made fried chicken, roasted cauliflower, quinoa, potato casserole, kale salad.

I’m seriously considering buying I Love This City tickets! 

  • 12th April
  • 12

Made dinner: BBQ pork ribs, black bean couscous, zucchini casserole, sweet potato and steak fries, salad with basil yogurt dressing. Pork ribs… the best form of meat.

Senioritis is so bad. Tomorrow is my last ever fraternity invite (just keeping it classy), then an exchange with Afro on Friday, and a party at Sherman on Saturday. Hiking the hills on Sunday! 

I’m exhausted! Between working, cooking, working out, partying and dealing with personal issues, I don’t really get much sleep anymore. I wish graduation weren’t only a month away. I don’t feel like I’ve achieved many goals so far.

I’m going to make sunflower seed and red pepper pate tomorrow.

  • 10th April
  • 10

Summer Vegas trip planned. Person of interest is going too, so yeah…

I made zucchini pasta with lots of vegetables and tomato pesto today! It was delicious but it was not a satisfactory pasta replacement. Hopefully I’ll have some time this week to try out a vegan pizza recipe that I found last night. Vegan Parmesan cheese, really? I won’t believe it till I’ve tried it. Trust me, I’m not going vegan; meat and cheese are just too good. But there is a whole world of interesting vegan recipes out there that I can’t knock until I’ve tried. 

It’s going to be a long time before I embrace nutritional yeast or TVP though. Ugh.

  • 6th April
  • 06

Dinner took way too long. We ended up needing two more people to help us, and we were still late.

  • Ground beef empanadas
  • Spinach and parmesan empanadas
  • Sweet chili sauce
  • Garlic roasted cauliflower
  • Ground beef with white rice
  • Kidney beans with corn and bell pepper
  • Salad with garlic vinaigrette 

I feel like I got a workout just rolling out the dough, which took at least 1.5 hours.

But everyone was raving about the empanadas!

  • 31st March
  • 31

Yay, Pop today!

I watched The Evil Dead with some housemates last night, got totally freaked out for some reason, and refused to sleep alone on the first floor (the other first floorers haven’t returned yet). So I grabbed my sleeping bag and crashed in someone’s room on the third floor. We stayed up till 5am talking. Then I woke up at 8. Ugh, I’m so tired.

It’s a good day to make soup! I think I’m going to make cauliflower pizza again.

  • 26th March
  • 26

An important piece of advice: Never, EVER hook up with someone sharing your residence. Sure, it’s convenient, especially when inebriated. God, I can’t even explain how convenient it is. For example, here are two unfortunate cases I have encountered:

1) The guy who is great in all aspects: sweet, smart, hardworking, athletic, communicative. He talked to me after the first night we kissed and asked me out on a date. That didn’t really happen because I wasn’t really sure what was going on on my side and it was off for months until it happened again. Now he knocks on my door a lot and I can’t really avoid him because we live in the same freaking house. He helped me cook the other day even though I really prefer cooking alone but couldn’t bring myself to say it. Even though he knows I’m not looking for anything serious (being a senior and all), this whole situation just makes me feel bad.

2) The really good-looking guy who knows it, who is nice at times but kind of a douchebag, who’s outgoing with others but shy and avoidant with me. He has communication issues and a questionable handle on drugs, but somehow I’m attracted to him (he is really good-looking, but not so good in bed). It’s a love-hate between us and I would be over it but he keeps pursuing me in his strange way. If we didn’t live together, I’d be long over it. But I have to see him every day, at every party. You know, there was a weekend this semester when I completely avoided my house and made plans outside from Thursday through Saturday nights because I felt uncomfortable partying in my own house because he was there. I obviously got over it, but that’s not cool. A handsome face can’t cover up an ugly personality forever. Living with it doesn’t help move things along.

So it gets really weird. If I were to go back in time, I would just forget the whole convenience factor and stay the hell away from guys in my house! No matter how attractive they are.

  • 26th March
  • 26

Two Great Foods I Made This Past Week

Cookie dough truffles! Make egg-less chocolate chip cookie dough…then coat in semi-sweet chocolate. They’re far from healthy but they sure are a treat.

Cauliflower pizza! If you’re cutting back on carbs or gluten, this is a good alternative. Make the crust from a mixture of grated steamed cauliflower, mozzarella cheese and eggs. Season with garlic, fennel, oregano, basil, parsley, whatever your heart desires. Top with lots of vegetables!

When I get back to Berkeley, I will attempt to replicate Samoas in the kitchen.